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Women with urinary tract infections, overactive bladders, and urinary or fecal incontinence often alter their lifestyle believing these are a part of the aging process. Close to ten percent of women even face a moderate to severe prolapse of pelvic organs, such as the uterus, vagina, bladder and/or rectum. Yet, these are conditions most women are too embarrassed to talk about or even mention to their friends or doctors.

If you are affected by any of these conditions, our specialists at the Department of Urogynaecology will be able to recommend a treatment or solution most suitable for you.

The following Services are offered:

Management of common gynaecological problems e.g. menstrual disorders, amenopause, pelvi-abdominal masses, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, urinary prolapse and urinary complaints
Management of unintended pregnancies
Contraceptive services
Management of menopause e.g. symptoms, use of hormone replacement therapy and prevention and detection of osteoporosis
Emergency obstetric & gynaecological consultations

Our Urogynaecology Centre also provides comprehensive consultation, diagnostic testing and treatment for our patients with the following conditions:

Urinary incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine)
Overactive bladder (overwhelming urge to urinate/ passing urine too frequently)
Voiding dysfunction (difficulty in passing urine)
Recurrent urinary tract infections (Bacterial infection of bladder and urethra)
Pelvic organ prolapse (sensation of displaced pelvic organs or lump protruding out of vagina)

Equipped with sophisticated state-of-the equipment to help accurate diagnosis of urogynaecological problems, Our Urogynaecology Centre offers the following diagnostic tests:

Erect Stress Test
Urodynamic Studies
Ultrasound Scan
PAP Smear