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The Department of Orthopaedics is the only one in the region to provide a comprehensive range of trauma and elective surgeries. The department is well equipped and competent to deal with complex polytrauma, mass casualty as well as long standing, troublesome and disabling orthopaedic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis etc. We emphasize on total care of the patient before, during and after operation by a surf of dedicated doctors, nurses physiotherapists and use of the latest state of the art technology.

The surgical services offered include cemented/uncemented total Hip Replacement, total Resurfacing Arthoplasty (on younger patient with arthritic Hip), total and unicondylar Knee Replacement, shoulder and elbow replacement, revision of Hip and Knee Replacements. Apart from this, a full range of trauma surgeries for any simple or complex fracture/ dislocation of limbs and spine are also done.

Neck and back problems are dealt with anterior and posterior spinal surgeries, with appropriate rehabilitation towards normal life style.

Arthroscopic surgeries in a new dimension providing minimally invasive treatment of intra-articular (inside the join) disorder of knee and shoulder like form maximum cruciate ligament. The recovery of these patients are far quicker than traditional open techniques.

Complex problems like bone loss, limb deformity, limb length discrepancy can be dealt with by appropriate techniques and technology.

Finest Infrastructure and Facility

Dedicated ortho & trauma theatre using Laminar airflow through Hepafilter
Philips IITV
Syntex Drilling and Reaming System
Steris - Operating Table
AO Operating Instruments
Stryker Arthroscopy System
Lenia Operating Microscope

This is duly backed by an excellent sterilization system and a team of dedicated OT Personnel.

Unique Features to Note

Dedicated Ward and Surgical ICU with 8 beds allocated to the speciality
A team of dedicated nurses trained in Orthopaedic Care is the backbone of indoor patient care
Excellent ancillary support from radiology and lab services
Prompt support from other specialities like neurosurgery, plastic surgery and vascular surgery under same roof on demand
Dedicated Physiotherapy for inpatient and outpatient

Service highlights

The niche areas are :

Joint Replacement
Spinal Surgery
Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy
Complex Trauma
Deformity Correction
Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeries