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The Department of Nephrology is one of the modern units in India The Department takes care of patients with

>> Acute Renal Failure
>> Chronic Renal Failure
>> Hypertensive and Diabetic Kidney diseases
>> Obstructive kidney disease & Immunologically medicated kidney disease
>> Acute and chronic nephritis
>> Nephrotic syndrome
>> Renovascular hypertension
>> Collagen disorders involving kidneys

The Nephrology department also provides

>> Dialysis services for patients in the ICU, dialysis patients undergoing cardiac or orthopedic procedures.
>> Diagnosis and treatment of primary kidney diseases by assessment.
>> Renal biopsy is done using ultra sound guidance.
>> Outpatient consultancy services are available.
>> Consultancy for general nephrology care for diabetic patient with immune kidney diseases is done.

The Department of Nephrology has state-of-the-art Dialysis Unit which caters to around 40-50 patients per day. The haemodialysis unit is well supported by trained technologists, has one of the best water treatment plants and is supervised by trained Medical Officer.


The unit performs AV Fistula, AV Grafts, Perm catheter, temporary femoral (or) subclavion or Jugular access and percutaneous catheter insertion for CAPD for patients requiring various mode of dialysis.

>> Hemodialysis for acute as well as chronic renal failure patients
>> Short term dialysis prior to transplantation
>> Hemodialysis is also done in cases of drug over dosage
>> Plasmapharesis for renal as well as non-renal cases
>> To reduce incidence of hepatitis B and C rigorous are taken patients are dialysed separate machines
>> The unit also has facility for CAPD which can be done at home.

Kidney Transplants

The Department of Transplant and Immunology, a sub unit of the Department of Nephrology has the expertise to provide the best Kidney Transplant programme. The unit has experience in handling transplants and problems arising from them.

The department also provides supportive care to critically ill patients. Procedures like Plasmapheries and Haemo filtrations are also performed along with specialized diagnostic procedures like kidney biopsy etc.


The Nephrology Department is supported by the best technology like :

>> Latest USG machine
>> MRI
>> CT Scan
>> Immunology & Histopathology department